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The Purpose is benefits for worldwide renewable energy requirements and gaining green environmental lowest electricity cost. In addition, Particularly subject is....
1. The Proof of "Energy Source": Two Principle including
(1) The Principle of “Hammer Shock for produce electricity Current”
(2) The Principle of “Circulated Reservoir in Closed Water System” for Vertical Dam Project
2. "Impact Gravity Pump”: Innovation for Next Electricity Energy Era.
  This Innovation is the Solution Answer for Green and the Lowest Electricity Energy Costs.
3. "Small Scale Electricity Plant":
  This Typical Electricity Plant is Flexible and Easy Construct spread to cover area.
4. "Large Scale Electricity Plant":
  This Typical Electricity Plant is Vertical Dam and purpose in Industry or Big City Requirement.


The Action Plan Policy Ideas are consist of two main pillars.
The first pillar
The Project would consist of an Energy Strategy to balance environment to create a supportive global and respond to the economically, the Lowest Costs Electricity and strengthening productive economy. (industry and human living’s cost)
The second pillar
The Second Prototype Project is looking for Fund or Joint Venture to development ”Impact Gravity Pump”, Principle’s Proven Innovation for Electricity, which the Lowest Costs. After the second Prototype finished, The Electricity Project will rapidly launch around the world because of its’ economic costs.


   The First Prototype is already Proof.
Hydraulic Ram, well known since in 1772, is a cyclic water pump powered by hydropower.
  In addition, this experiment is apply from Hydraulic Ram's Principle
Bounding to Free and Eternal Energy, Gravity and Mass of Water causes Hydrodynamic or Hammer
  Shock. "The Purpose is aim to achieve the First Pillar's core".
Our First prototype is proof that. Only the weight of Reservoir, in High tank is the Potential Energy.
  Causes the higher-pressure by Hammer Shock (momentum of hydrodynamic) and then pipe this power pressure upward above the Reservoir, attack turbine and then generate electricity. After that, all water is falling down back to reservoir, in closed water system, and loop infinity.
The Proven Principle is the glide line lead to new renewable energy innovation, "Impact Gravity Pump"
   The Second Prototype
Concluding of Proven First Prototype, We exactly realize the benefit of free energy source, Gravity: applied to
innovation, "Impact Gravity Pump" for the lowest electric current costs
"Impact Gravity Pump" are also base on the principle of "Gravity and Mass of Water causes
Hydrodynamic or Hammer Shock. The Purpose is aim to achieve the Second Pillar's core".
Our Second Prototype Project is the experiment to construct the Impact Gravity Pump, which
create a massive water pressure, planning project in 18 months.
Automatic Operation is composing of three Mechanisms.
"Impact Gravity Pump" is the glide line lead to innovation, Vertical Dam for electricity project.
   Electricity Plant Project
  Small Scale Electricity Plant Project
Impact Gravity Pump: Dimension 2.2 m. x 4.8 m. x 3.0 m.(W x L x H)
1 Turbine : 4 Impact Gravity Pump
Water's Weight, in Reservoir, is The Potential Energy of System Mechanism
Water Pressure is directly attack to Turbine.
Gravity, Mass and Volume of Water are the Important Factor Keys.
Small Electric Plant Should be compose at least 32 up Impact gravity Pump, in
  system, for smooth turning turbine
  Large Scale Electricity Plant Project
Vertical Dam Fill Water Back: 24 hrs. Generate Electricity Top View


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Renewable Green Energy Source Revolution : "Beyond Energy 2009"

Now is the Time:
We must all Protect our Planet For the Future Generations!
Welcome to the New Renewable Green Energy Era!

Come with us!
You could Become an Investor
In the most Promising and Profitable
New way of Energy Source

Stop Earthquake ,Flood ,Global Warming , Volcanic winter Absolutely From Our Innovation "Impact Gravity Pump"

Our web may not be the best web to creat the renewable energy in the world for tomorrow-total source of green energy or clean energy. However, we belive that our method may be one of the exactly solution enough for "Today’s Action Plan".

Download VDO #1 “Gravity for Electricity” ( 164 MBs)
Download VDO #2 “Concept” ( 108 MBs)
Download VDO #3 “Principle Proof” ( 240 MBs)

Download VDO #4 “Mechanism of Impact Gravity Pump”
Download VDO #5 “The Second Prototype’s Planning” ( 187 MBs)
Download VDO #6 “Small Scale Electricity Plant” ( 69 MBs)

Download VDO #7 “Large Scale Electricity Plant” ( 94 MBs)
Download VDO #8 “Budget and Project Planning” ( 98 MBs)

All VDO are Thai Language

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